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Many women who want to leave prostitution, pornography or human trafficking have no way of getting out themselves. Unfortunately, it is far from all who receive help from society.

Talita exists for these women, but in order for us to be able to offer them to stay with us, and get the help they need, we depend on your gift.

Thank you for joining us!

Talita's operations in Sweden and abroad are entirely dependent on the donations we receive from private individuals and various companies and foundations. We receive various operational support from, among others, the City of Stockholm, but the money we receive from the state and municipality is only a small part of our total needs. Your gifts make the big difference!

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Swish number

To use swish, you need to have the Swish app on your phone or tablet. You can find more information about Swish on their website.

International donation

SE09 6000 0000 0004 1311 0478
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Talita's address:
Box 1015 , 12114 Enskededalen

Where does the money go?

Talita has a 90 account to ensure that the money donated to our operations goes to those in need. We want to be fully transparent so that donors can trust us. Please take a look at our reports, figures and activity reports.

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Funding 2022
  • Donations / individuals
  • Registration fees
  • Corporate sponsors
  • Lectures
  • Government grants
  • NSP
  • Municipal contribution
  • Foundations & Funds
  • Churches & society
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  • Special purpose costs
  • Administration costs
  • Collection costs

Talita presents:

För alla som vill kika närmare på våra årsredovisningar och läsa vår verksamhetsberättelse är den här sektionen för er.
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Become one of our sponsors

Support Talita as a sponsor and you get

  • Your company name and logo on the Talita website.
  • A certificate showing that you support Talita.
  • Offers of lectures on human trafficking and prostitution.
  • A proposal for a policy against human trafficking and prostitution.
  • Talita logo to be used on website, social media, etc.

Many thanks to our sponsors